Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Diet

Ok so I'm doing this new diet. You start off this 2 binge days. You are eating all day 3000 to 4000 calories worth. Then for the next 25 to 45 which ever one you choose all you eat is 500 calories. Then for 3 weeks after you eat 1500 calories of the same foods. So for the next 25 to 45 days I will be eating chicken, beef (2) times a week, and I'm going to try shrimp. I will also be eating lettus, apples, oranges, strawberries, and cucumbers. I know it sounds so exciting. If I follow this diet it is said that you lose around 30 pounds in 45 days. Hey if I can lose that much I'll be so excited. As well as eating like this you have to take these drops so that it resets your set points. Meaning when you start eating again you won't gain it all back. I hope I can make it. It's going to be a long 25 to 45 days. Wish me luck!!!!!!

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the meyer fam said...

hey I'm going to start that diet soon. My hubby just bought me the drops. I would love to hear how it works for you. I'm a little nervous but also excited.