Monday, November 1, 2010

Carving Pumpkins With the Family

So on Saturday I had just gotten done with school and I got a text message from Kim that she wanted to carve pumpkins. I went and picked up Kim and Kyle and we went to my parents house to carve the pumpkins. First we stopped by Smiths to get the pumpkins. We got 5, one for each of us.

Cheese!!!!! This is dad's pumpkin. Dad chose the easiest pattern to cut out. But you'll see he ends up helping all of us.

YUM!!!! YUM!!!!

That's scary looking!!

Still cutting away at those pumpkins.

Dad and Kim's pumpkins were done first.

My pumpkin!!!!!!

Dad is working on mom's pumpkin.
They all turned out so good!!!!


After we got done carving pumpkins, dad wanted to go to RC Willi to get a bed and 2 night stands. When we left he bought a bed, 2 night stands, and a new TV!!!! Gotta love the deal of not having to pay for tax. Saturday was a great day.

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