Friday, November 14, 2008

Last night

Yesterday after work I went to work out with my personal trainer Eric. I haven't worked out with him in many months. The reason is because he has been very sick and hasn't been working. Well he is back and I am so excited. I have been working hard on trying to lose weight but it just hasn't been working very well. So now that I am working out with Eric again I hope that the weight will start to come off. I am working out with a friend of mine Stacey and together hopefully we will be able to get into shape.

When I got home last night I watched CSI Las Vegas and then went to bed. I am an old lady when it comes to staying up these days. I guess I just work to much.

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The Dillard's said...

hello- you can read my blog too- it's kinda retarted but what else an I going to blog about.

I just made it private so i'll invite you! lucky! :)

TUESDAY game day!