Sunday, November 16, 2008


Audra and I got UNLV season tickets for this season.  I am so excited to go to ALL of the games to see Joe Darger and Wink Adams play.  Gooooo Boys!!!!  Yesterday Audra and I went to the UNLV basketball game.  We played San Diego.  At the beginning of the game we were kicking butt.  Then San Diego came back on us.  So the rest of the game was really close.  About half way through the game Wink got hit hard on the way to the basket.  I thought he might be out for the rest of the game, but he is tough  After about a minute and a half he was back in the game.  GOOOOO WINK!!!!!   At about 4 minutes  we started kicking butt again.  Wink and Joe hitting the 3 pointers and the free throw shots.   We ended up winning the game 65 to 60.  


Audra said...

I LOVE the rebels! It's in my blood! Sure hope I marry someone with the same love for them that I have! REBELS, REBELS (picture me moving my arm back and forth) :)

Amanda said...

I'm so happy you guys have season tickets. I only wish u didn't sit by such mean people. I would so love to sit by u guys. See u on tuesday!