Friday, December 5, 2008


So as I said before we went to San Diego for Thanksgiving. Well, it was great. We had so much fun. We played the Turkey Bowl and the kids were the MVPS. The day after we went to Sea World. That was fun to see all the animals. I love marine life so Sea World is my favorite place. There is a new water and roller coaster ride that we did. Let's just say we didn't stay much longer than that. It was COLD!!!!!

Each night we would gather together and just hang out and have fun. We would play Wii, card games, and board games. The first night we played How to Host a Murder and I was the lover/blind and dumb ping pong champ/killer. So be scared be very scared. We had a blast playing the game. Even Kim who didn't want to play had fun. Also, on this trip it furthered my desire for a Wii. I had a blast playing those games and I am not a video game player, but those are fun.

That was Thanksgiving and I can't wait for Christmas!!!!

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