Tuesday, January 13, 2009

All I do is work and workout

So I started this year off with new goals. Some of the goals are to lose weight and make money. Well, let me tell you I think that is all I have been doing. I go to work at 6:45am and get done with work by 6:30pm. Then most days I workout either at the gym with my mom and Eric or I do cardio at home. Wow I am sore all the time. It seems like as soon as my body recovers from the first workout of the week it's time for the next workout. I really hope that this is working because dang it hurts. Other than work and working out nothing is new with me. I lead such a boring life.

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Audra said...

We have to go to a singles ward with some REAL prospects. Im going to give Centennial Hills another chance...1:30 at Farm and Tuele Springs. It's right off the Durango and 95 exit...come with. I know working all the time sucks bad. Maybe one day we won't have to! Let's pray! :)