Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Ok so I was horrible at keeping you updated on our trip. Here is the full scoop. So Audra, Kim, Lindsay, and I left Saturday night around 6:30pm. The car was packed to the rim with beach chairs, umbrellas, and 4 suitcases filled with clothes. You know girls they pack ALOT!!!! We are on our way and I was DJ Tiff on this trip. I kept us rocking out to music on this trip. We stopped in Barstow to get gas and IN-AND-OUT!!!! You gotta have IN-AND-OUT on a road trip to Cali.

The rest of the trip was great. I have such great map reading skills. HA ha ya and if you believe that you are crazy.

Well, we got to Newport around 10pm. We stayed at the Marriott Condo resort. They were great. It was a two bedroom 2 bath condo. My parents had one room and then us 4 girls shared the second room. Yes we were packed in there pretty tight. Plus just think of ALL 4 girls sharing a bathroom. Kim and Linz were sharing a fold out bed. That was funny because Audra and I were sharing the comfy bed. So everyday it was another complaint from those girls. So I would turn to Audra and say, "I don't know about you but I slept great last night." We teased those girls all week about their bed.

Sunday: We got up and watched the first half of conferece. Then we went and layed out by the pool. Gotta work on that tan. We all teased Audra for wearing 50 sunscreen to TAN!!!! The pool was great. We shared it with only 3 other condos. It wasn't that full at all. It was like we had our own personal pool. After we sat out by the pool we decided to go to Balboa Island. We had to take a small farry for about 2 minutes to get to the island. While we waited to get on the farry Kim and Linz went and got chocolate covered strawberries. The were huge and delicious. Dad couldn't eat it without making a mess though. He got strawberry juice all over him. By the time we got done eating our strawberries we were on the Island. When we got on the Island mom and dad rented us a 4 person bike. The lady at the store told us that we were like a car. So we didn't know any different. We got on and of course the 2 young girls who wanted to do the bike sat in the bike. I had to drive. I don't know what I am doing. I'm just driving anywhere. Well, we end up on a main street. We are all stressing out and to top it off the lifeguard officer told us over his speaker "Ladies get that off the road." How emberrassing. Well, that wasn't the end of our embarrassment. We found the bike path by the ocean and just followed that. Well, we passed a house full of guys and what was their comments, "Those are the girls that were on the main road." It was horrible and we passed them 3 times. After about an hour of bike riding we gave up the bike to mom and dad. While they were riding the bike we went to the beach to put our toes in the sand. We hung out for awhile and took some pictures. Then we went back to the condo for dinner. It was mom and dad's night.

Monday: On this day we went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. It was a blast to see all of the wonderful animals. It was hot though. That place doesn't have much shade. It was still fun. Then the 4 of us girls went to go explore. We wanted to go to the beach and walk at night. Well, we couldn't find any place open in Newport, so we went back to Balboa. We walked on the beach and got good and wet. Thanks Linz for pushing me into the water. =) On our way back to Newport we got lost. I told you I'm not a good navigator. We stopped at a gas station and asked for directions. See women will ask. We were right down the street from where we needed to be. Sad I know.

Tuesday: Today we went to Huntington Beach to get our nails done. Audra had done some research and was told about a salon in Huntington that did really cool designs on your nails. So we headed out to Huntington. The salon was a small shop with 4 pedicure chairs. We called ahead so we only had to wait a few minutes. We all got Zebra designs on our toes. Audra, Kim and Linz got zebra on their finger nails too. I got acrilecs on and on the tips I got pocka dots. I now need a fill but I don't want to go get one because I don't want to ruin my cute nails from Cali. After we got back from getting our nails done we ate dinner.

Wednesday: We headed to LA. Once again I was the navigator. I am surprised we didn't get lost. First stop was the Chinese Mann's Theatre. We bought VIP tickets to Fast and the Furious. We also bought tickets to go on the Tour of the Stars. That was fun. We got to see all of the famous places in Hollywood as well have celebrities houses. Our tour guide was funny and kept us laughing. After the tour it was time for our movie. We got to sit in large leather seats in a row all by ourselves. We also didn't have to go and get our own snacks. We had someone bring them to us. I felt important.

Thursday: DISNEYLAND!!!! Today was the day that we were waiting for the whole trip. DISNEYLAND!!!!!! The happiest place on earth and that is true. We got up early and was at the park by 9. We went from ride to ride, but that place was packed. So we didn't get to go on everything. Plus we pooped out early. It was 8 and we were home. Mom and dad even stayed out later than us. Sad I know.

Friday: The party was over. It was time to come home. I was sad to leave the gorgious beach side resort. We had to be packed up and out of the condo by 10am. So we got up packed the car up with all our junk and headed home. I once again became DJ Tiff. The ride home was quick and we got back around 3pm. Back to reality. SAD!!!!

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justinandjen said...

What a fun trip!! You can always come to Disneyland with us if you need another vacation!