Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Arizona Trip

My parents got a Marriott time share in Arizona.   With the program they can change the place of their time share, so they wanted to come and see what it was like down here in AZ.  So we have been here for a week.  My parents can on Saturday, but Kim and I came down on Sunday.  We have been shopping and laying out by the pool.  A great vacation in my eyes.  Tuesday night be went to a Diamond Backs game.  That was fun.  Kim fell in love with one of the players that is from Australia.  I have to agree with her that he is a cutie.  Today, we went to the gym, pool, and then to a movie with dad.  That was fun.  It was a daddy daughter day.  My mom was going to lunch with an old friend of hers that happens to live here in Scotsdale.  Tomorrow will be a day at the pool.  Dad is going golfing in the morning, so mom, Kim and I will go to the pool.  Then mom and dad are going to the temple, so Kim and I will stay at the pool.  I better come home with a great tan.  At the hotel next door there is a lazy river with rafts.  Great way to get some sun in Arizona because it is HOT!!!!!!!  Then Friday it is back to Vegas.  How sad. =(    

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