Saturday, December 5, 2009

Track Break

Ok I have been in this new job for 3 and a half months. What can I say about my new job.... well it is interesting. I am in a class with 4 students. We started off with just one and grew to 5 but then one left. I go to work everyday to something new. Whether it is chasing after students, defending myself from students, or protecting the other students from other students. This just is very stressful but right now I am on track break for 4 more weeks. So life is good.

While I have been on track break I have discovered my crafty side. Thanks Kim for finding the blog Tater Tots and Jello. This is where I have gotten tons of ideas. I got one idea from here and that was a Marshmallow wreath.

This was so much fun!!!! The marshmallows are held
in with toothpicks.

Half way there!!!!

The marshmallows are done!!!!

The wreath is complete!!!
It came out so cute!!! I love it!!!

I have lots more ideas and I will post them once I get them done.

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